February 26, 2024

AutoAgri and Ekobot initate collabration

AutoAgri AS and Ekobot enters a collabration with the aim to adapt the Ekobot intelligent weeding tool to the AutoAgri autonomous implement carrier.

Ekobot has an intelligent and autonomous weeding tool. With a combination of sensor data and an onboard decision module, powered by the Ekobot artificial intelligence engine, the system can with very high accuracy distinguish between crop and weed. The system can then mechanically remove weeds with millimetre precision and create optimal conditions for the valuable crop. When chemical weed control is replaced by intelligent and mechanical weed management, the harvest also increases. Learn more: Ekobot.se

By combining the Ekobot weeding tool and the AutoAgri implement carrier, the farmer is offered a flexible solution that, in addition to autonomous weeding, can also be used for other processes and tasks. Everything to create a cost-effective and profitable solution for the individual farmer.

Now we can offer the market another valuable application and use of our platform. It gives our customers the opportunity to further create a sustainable and profitable business based on our unique autonomous implement carrier, says Jostein Sandvik, CEO at AutoAgri.